Silly kitties

crashSometimes our cats will drive me nuts.

I’m going to make some observations about cats. I apologize to anyone that is already familiar with cats, but I grew up a dog owner. All of this is a bit new to me.

First of all, they need to get inside everything. And not just anything, but whatever you happen to be doing. If I open the fridge door, they’re inside the fridge. If I open the closet door, they’ll be inside the closet. They’ll hear me open something and bolt across the apartment in order to get inside. And this happens over and over. They’ve seen the inside of the closet. They’ve seen the inside of the fridge. But that won’t stop them from trying to get inside every time.

They have absolute tunnel vision. If they get their eyes set on the least little thing, they’ll hone in without any regard to their surroundings. Sometimes they’ll forget you’re around and you’ll get a clawful as a consequence. This is especially annoying since we’re in prime hoodie-wearing season. You better hope you don’t stoop too low or they’ll be attacking your hood strings.

I’ve also lost a pair and a half of headphones (one earbud still works on one) and the charge cord to the Wii U Gamepad. It’s not that I don’t try to be careful – it’s just that it only takes them about a half-second to chew through anything they get their teeth on. Let your guard down for a second and your headphones are useless.

Also, they stink. The cat smell is pervasive no matter how often you change the litter box. The litter also gets everywhere, even though we bought one of the litter boxes with a cover and a little doorway. Cat poop also smells WAY worse than dog poop.

It’s a good thing they’re cute.


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