Frosty and finals


In spite of our hectic and coinciding graduate school finals schedules, Lisa and I are going to try to get through the Christmas classics before Christmas day arrives. We started with the Frosty programs, because they’re objectively the worst.

They’re also the least Christmas-y. I know Christianity absorbed a lot of pagan traditions when the day was co-opted, but usually the traditions have at least some religious significance, however shallow.  Santa shares the connection with giving, the Christmas tree can represent the Tree of Life, etc. Frosty has none of it. It’s a purely secular tale from a song written in 1950. I suppose you can make an argument that the life granted to Frosty is symbolic of new life in spiritual death, but I’m not really comfortable analogizing Christ’s sacrifice on the cross to the top hat of a failed magician.

The Second Coming of Frosty was also pretty underwhelming. The first film at least had some innocence, but the second was full of heavy-handed environmentalism and 90’s cynicism (no mention of “support groups” in the 1969 program). And it didn’t even had continuity – Frosty was talking and dancing without wearing the magic hat.

But we’re out of the woods and can start enjoying the fantastic stop-motion programs – in between long bouts of studying, of course.


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