Introduction and introspection

citizenintrobetterbookRalph and Chuck is going to be published in IUPUI’s Campus Citizen. I’m looking forward to actually seeing my characters in print again. To introduce the strip to the campus, a new introductory comic was needed. The last time I did a strip like this was for the IDS, way back in 2010:

idspilotwebNot a whole lot has changed, other than the location and the pending marital status. Both mimic the first Garfield strip.

The next comic offers a bit of insight into what makes me tick. Over the last few years I’ve made a point of studying the Bible, and my faith and reliance on Christ has grown exponentially (thanks to Goodreads motivation, I know I’ve closely read about 60% of the King James Version). Law school has been one of the biggest challenges in my life, and my growing trust in God has been a big influence in how I approach both school and the other challenges that I’ve come across since graduation.

A big paper and finals are coming up much faster than I’d like, but I hope I can still get a comic out once a week during the last leg of the semester.


2 thoughts on “Introduction and introspection

  1. “Hi I’m Ralph and I’m chuck and we both don’t give a f*** if a woman gets raped and ends up pregnant because abortions are bad, even though it doesn’t effect us in the least when an abortion takes place!1!!11”

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