Back after a long hiatus

01catsittingBack after a long hiatus. Bill Watterson’s collaboration with Stephen Pastis led to watching Dear Mr. Watterson, which led to digging my Complete Calvin and Hobbes out of moving boxes, which led to picking up paper and pencil again. Sometimes you just need to remind yourself why you draw in the first place.

Getting back to basics experimenting with an artist’s pen instead of feeding it through Illustrator. The way I was doing comics before was getting pretty rote and tedious. I’ve decided to go sans color for a while and get back to line drawing (which is my favorite thing to do anyway). I’m feeling more invested in every line. I’m also feeling VERY out of practice.

Don’t expect a flurry of activity. Law school is still law school. But this is some therapy I’ve been needing, and it’s long overdue.


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