Halloween 2014

03halloween2014(color)Ralph as Groot; Chuck as Smaug; Lily as Taylor Swift; Sarah as Elsa

I almost forgot to do a Halloween comic this year. But then I had an image of Chuck flapping around yelling “I AM DEATH” and the rest followed. I also wanted to take care of it now rather than rushing to get it finished on Halloween (I’ve finished late in years past). I have social engagements, as well as a paper to write this weekend.

The plan was to stick to just pen and ink for a while, but how can I do all of these great costumes without color? Not only do they look better in color, but they’re more easily recognizable. And as long as I want to do color, I’m not going to arbitrarily limit myself. Part of the reason I wanted to work in just black and white for a while is so I wouldn’t feel so obligated to make every strip in color; but if I’m excited about it, it’s not work.


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