Shakespeare, shoulder tapping, and social media


taprudeI’ve been neglecting my comics, and I want to change that.

Honestly, for something that I enjoy so much, I’m not sure why I put them off so much. Law school is busy, sure, but I have free time. My comics just haven’t been high on the list of priorities (I’ve been reading, mostly), but they should be. Summer is as good a time as any to get back into it.

The “wherefore” comic was inspired by a tweet. The other two are ideas that have been in my notebook for a while. I love breaking the fourth wall, and the whole “tapping the opposite shoulder” thing was something my friends and I did all the time in high school.

The final comic was based on a conversation with my fiancée. My tolerance for controversial topics is much higher than most, and Lisa is sometimes my filter for when something should be left unsaid (and I really should utilize her more often.)

In other news, check out the Stripped documentary.  The film (and breaking out my Calvin and Hobbes books) is part of what lit a fire under me to start drawing again.


2 thoughts on “Shakespeare, shoulder tapping, and social media

  1. Glad to see the comics back. I’ve always been a fan, and stopped by because of all that fan-art you retweeted the other day. (What brought that on, by the way?)

    • Thank you! I’m trying to be better about drawing more often.

      No idea what brought it on all of the sudden. It was very amusing to me, however.

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