Attractiveness, trade-offs, and chivalry

senseofhumorwingschivalryI’ve managed to keep drawing this summer, and I find that it gets easier the more I do it. Taking the pressure off by allowing myself to be satisfied with simpler black-and-white comics (i.e. not feeling obligated to add color to each one) has been a big incentive towards more output. Simple line drawings have always been what appealed to me most, anyway; the cartoons are what got me to fall in love with comic strips in the first place. I love that a few simple lines can create such compelling images, and I’m told that as a kid I would often work exclusively in black crayon.

The first comic was inspired by my observation that the fairer sex values looks much less than the less-fair sex, a phenomenon that we should be continually thankful for. At 24 I’ve already been struck by male-pattern baldness, and I’m lucky to have a lady who doesn’t care.

The second comic is, if you’ll pardon me, a fairly common experience for me (though exaggerated here). I quite like the hot wings from KFC, but I always regret them later. But what’s life if it’s not a series of trade-offs?

I’ve never stooped quite so low to avoid cleaning up a mess like Chuck did in comic number three, but it’s worth pointing out that the unwritten rule that the first person to notice a pet mess must be the one to clean it up is open to exploitation.

I’m about to start my semi-annual rereading of The Lord of the Rings, so if any comics in the near future contain hobbits and wizards, you’ll know why.


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