Parasites, privilege, and power

mosquitoprivilegecheckacThe summer rolls on, and so do my opportunities to draw.

The first comic is based on a conversation I had with a friend. It’s a good thing the seasons are seasonal. I love each season for different reasons, but there are also things I don’t miss when they decide to change.

The second comic is an idea that’s been sitting in my notebook for a while. Ralph went to the doctor’s office, but you can get a free privilege consultation just about anywhere online. I’m all for having some perspective, but oftentimes “privilege” is used as a means to shut someone up, which is something I don’t ever like.

It’s starting to get to that point in the summer where we’re reaching for the thermostat. I’m a fan of using as little power as possible and sweating it out for a cheap energy bill, but my fiancée isn’t. The third comic is based on a joke that I saw somewhere online (including Hobbits also has to do with my re-reading Lord of the Rings), but the thermostat struggle is real.

I’ve recently discovered the GoComics app, and I love it. Lately I’ve only been able to read comic strips in the newspaper when I visit my parents’ place, but this app lets me read almost everything I get in the paper at home (and then some), daily, right on my phone. I can also swipe backwards and see comics that I missed, so I’ll never be out of the loop again when my mom wants to discuss Luann.


2 thoughts on “Parasites, privilege, and power

  1. Good to see you getting into social issues again. I’ve missed the political perspective of the strip since it returned. Will we be seeing more of it as the election season swings into gear? Who’s your favorite candidate now?

    • Haha, you’re among the few who have missed the politics! Frankly, I haven’t followed politics as obsessively as I used to since I got really serious about my faith. It puts a lot of things into perspective for me, and life’s too short to dwell on things I can’t control. Though of course I’m still paying attention. You’ll probably see political comics less often, and when you do they’ll probably be more nonpartisan like the one you see above. says Rubio is my guy, but there’s a long time between here and Indiana’s primary, if my vote even matters at that point.

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