Pets, preferences, and politics

catcrashmexicangrassrootsThe common theme of these last three comics seems to be “Ralph being interrupted while trying to read.” Reading a book seems like a pretty common stock activity; I ought to switch that up more.

I think cat owners can relate to sounds of destruction taking place in another room. To cats, everything in the home belongs on the floor.

I saw a post online the other day along the lines of “I wish that instead of guys saying ‘whatever you want’ when we ask about dinner, they’d leave a black dress on a hanger with a note saying ‘wear this, I’ll pick you up at 8.'” I laughed.

Reducing hot air begins at the dinner table. Political junkies will have their fix, but things can change fast in presidential campaign season, week to week and even day to day. I’m still following politics as it happens, but considering Indiana’s primary isn’t until May of 2016, I find it hard to care about a bunch of primary candidates that are going to be gone by then. Wake me up when the field’s been whittled down.

I keep announcing imminent news, but I’m still waiting for solid confirmation of when it’s happening. Just so you don’t think I’m stringing you along, long story short, Ralph and Chuck is going to be in print again at IUPUI. I’ll give more details as I know them.

Thanks for reading!


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