Fairness, festivity, and football


I’ve been drawing less often since the semester began, but I haven’t been entirely idle. This year I unfortunately neglected my usual Halloween comic, and I didn’t realize I had done so until we returned from attending a Halloween wedding out of state – so I think I at least have a partial excuse.

The first comic is a situation I’ve fortunately only experienced once in my life, and it actually ended up being a fun experience since I was with friends at the time. It’s a common refrain that life isn’t fair, but in the day-to-day affairs, it kind of is. Our own negligence leads to natural consequences. It’s best to accept responsibility for our errors and not get bent out of shape.

My Christmas music comes on as soon as the last trick-or-treater goes to bed. I see a lot of social media posts from Scrooges claiming that getting into the Christmas spirit too early somehow violates the sanctity of Thanksgiving, but the fact of the matter is the rest of the world doesn’t have Thanksgiving (except Canada, but they have it earlier) and is already gearing up for Christmas. I’ll still enjoy my turkey and football even if I’m jamming with my boy Wenceslas for a few weeks beforehand.

The Monday Night Football Bible study idea is one that’s been in my notebook for ages, but I’ve always forgotten to draw it in time for Monday. Well, this year I remembered. Enjoy!


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