Briefs, beliefs, and breaks



I’m done with finals, and that means I get to do a little housekeeping. The first two comics in this post were actually published during the semester in IUPUI’s graduate student newspaper, The Graduate, but I neglected sharing them on the blog. There’s one more in the backlog that I’ll post later.

To me, one of the most difficult things about law school is not cold calls or the complexities of the law: it’s keeping the plaintiff/appellant/petitioner straight from the defendant/appellee/respondent while reading a long procedural history. I participated in moot court this semester, and the first comic was inspired by the same old trouble. I actually ended up doing much of my research for the other side, (though fortunately I caught my mistake much sooner than Chuck!). While it was a disappointing revelation at the time, the end result was a much better brief and an idea for a comic.

The second comic was drawn for silly season, when it’s easy for tempers to run wild. People cheer on their chosen politicians and policies like they cheer on sports teams, and loyalties for the former can be just as irrational as for the latter. C.S. Lewis wrote, “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal.” I think no matter how convinced you are about the wrongness of a person’s politics, they are still due the respect and reverence of a fellow human being. People need to keep that in mind before they share their next scathing political image macro on social media.

Ironically, I’ve gotten less pleasure reading done in first few days of Christmas break than in the last few days of finals. Time management is one of those things that gets screwy the less restrictions you actually have. I’ve been getting a lot of things done that I was leaving till after finals, so my days have been pretty full (and will be more full once holiday plans with friends and family really kick into gear). But it’s a good kind of full.

In spite of all the inherent obstacles, I hope all of your holidays turn out to be relaxing and reflective as well.


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