Raiment, reticence, and reading

jobfaircheesesticksfirsttimeI attended a law school job fair a couple months ago, which went terribly. I’m very bad at selling myself, especially in a short period of time during an event that’s more about the firms advertising themselves than anything else (e.g. “We’re actually not hiring anyone right now…”). Naturally my thoughts turned philosophical. I hate getting dressed up.

Philosophical thoughts actually seem to be a theme of the last three comics. I like the trope of serious thoughts being undercut by abrupt, practical concerns. The world is a serious place, but it’s also a ridiculous one.

I’ve been re-reading quite a few books lately (specifically, the Animorphs series and The BFG), so even though I drew this comic back in July I thought it would be appropriate to post now. I do wish I could read books I love for the first time again, but the reasons for why that is impossible make for a fun strip.

I’m in the final stretch of law school – only one more sit-down and one more take-home final left to go – and then it’s time for bar prep. My Tolkien calendar for the month of May depicts a scene from the Hobbit chapter “Out of the Frying pan into the Fire”, which I thought eerily apt.


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