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Fireflies, fear, and philosophy

firefliesborrowbookfateorfreewillIt has been a pretty fantastic summer for me, when I stop to think about it. The uptick in my drawing I guess is partly a result of that.

The first comic is my attempt to be purely artistic. Watching the fireflies come out is one of the purest and earliest joys I can associate with summer.

I think every book lover has gone through a similar struggle at some point. Someone wants to borrow a book. In theory this is great, because one of the best parts about enjoying a book is sharing that enjoyment with others, and you certainly don’t want to discourage interest in your favorites. But inevitably it takes forever to get it back, and the whole time there’s an empty spot on your carefully organized shelf where that book is supposed to be, and what if the worst happens? The book is stolen or destroyed (I’ve had both happen to books of mine)! And then you think, “no thanks, I’ll keep it on my shelf where it belongs.”

The final comic is a bit of armchair philosophizing. Sometimes we can get so caught up in trying to determine why things are the way they are that we forget that the mere act of wondering is pretty amazing in and of itself.

I have some exciting news (for me, at least) associated with the comic coming up in the next week  or so. Stay tuned!