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Boxes, weddings, and leftovers

boxesjointweddingleftoversI didn’t draw much over the holidays, but I’ve settled into the spring semester and have been having bursts of creativity.

Lisa and I are big fans of Amazon Prime, so we often have an abundance of cardboard boxes lying around. While this has great utility for wrapping Christmas gifts and entertaining our cats, it does tend to clutter a small apartment. Usually I end up periodically purging the excess cardboard containers, after which the cats will pine and Lisa will lay on the guilt.

We’re getting married in September, and deciding what to do about my characters was more stressful than actually planning our real-life wedding. As you may recall, my characters were engaged the same time we were. My characters have always reflected the events in my own life, and I was struggling to figure out how to show both couples getting married around the same time I was, without it being repetitious or stealing any one couple’s thunder. Really the only solution was to make it a joint wedding, though it took me a while to bite the bullet.

I drew the leftovers comic a while back. Though most of my strips are inspired by true events, this one was a brain wave that came from a Calvin and Hobbes comic and has no relation to anything between me and Lisa; we’re pretty free and easy with our leftovers.

Thanks for reading!

Wedding decisions

decisionsNot being involved in wedding decisions is not a big deal for most grooms. Most are thankful not to be, frankly. This Grooms is mostly interested in macro decisions (where, when, open or cash bar, etc.). Lisa hasn’t shut me out like Sarah has in this comic, but the “calling her mother every three minutes” thing is true to life.

The big day probably won’t come until 2016 at the earliest, but we’re getting a jump on planning now. Any money we’ll have for this wedding is borrowed, so we’re scrimping when we can. We set up a new savings account to encourage more discipline. We’re also both planning on losing weight. Optimism abounds.